People, People, People

We talk so much about how finding and retaining people as the ultimate challenge we have today. They are our key assets and the market is tight. So the question is what are we doing about it from our first contact to the last time we spoke with them? What are we doing every day to attract the best and keep the best? And we need to ask ourselves whether we have shown appreciation for our resources and whether they know it.

Attracting resources nowadays is hard due to the competition of other organizations and the ability for those resources to check out our organizations from social media. Do many organizations have a strategy to project a positive image of the organization or are we taking a chance? What do we want that image to be? Someone interviewed with me last year and they said they had read what could be seen as ‘negative’ comments on line about the organization but it fitted into the narrative that we were going through Change and that is what excited them.

What are people finding on our websites? Again does it convey what we want?

More to come as I write about the initial meet and greet and how to attract them with that first meeting…

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It is key as a leader to show enthusiasm for what you do. That can come in the form of being vocal, being energized, excited and mostly being fun. That enthusiasm is contagious (not might be or could be). That contagion spreads and therefore generates enthusiasm across your teams.

What we have to be aware of is what threatens our enthusiasm as a lack of it is also contagious. Once we know what threatens it we must look at what we do to reenergize and build it up when it wains. Think of ways to inspire yourself especially early in the day so your enthusiasm is shared

Read an article on leadership and be inspired, check out photos of trips and loved ones, smile at memories and plan to make more.

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Team Work

In my younger days i did a lot of track and field. I ran the 400M hurdles and proved to have some success in it. I would attend track meetings most weekends during the summer. What i use to feel, and what is reinforcing it self now, is how isolating running my race could be. It was me against others and as much as people may support on the outside it was down to me on race day. I warmed up and got into the zone ready to race and felt the nausea of the adrenaline before a race and quite a few times the high of winning at the end but that was always just me with those feelings.

In some respect it is the loneliness of every runner who runs an individual race. A few years ago i did a relay with a team of 12. We were one of over 400 teams running this relay. It went on for over 24 hours and covered more than 200 miles. It was a remarkable experience and one i will never forget as you form bonds with a group of people, some of whom i didn’t know, and encourage not just your team members but others. Many people during that run achieved more than they ever thought possible including me. I felt accountable to finish my legs of the relay as part of my role in the team – it wasn’t a race but an event to complete. It was meant to be a team event and truly was.

It made me realize how much being part of a team means to me. How we have our roles to play but to have others around encouraging you, supporting you and you support them means so much and creates a ‘high’ you don’t get on your own. I crave the same at work – the ‘high’ that comes from being part of a team and from the pure human interaction and camaraderie of working together for a joint goal regardless of personal gain. There seems to be so much focus on the individual and the isolation that comes from us all using our personal devices and believing we have team work without the human interaction.

We all need to take a step back, form relationships that build teams and start to enjoy the ‘high’ that comes from that basic human desire to socialize and collaborate – make it a goal of 2018.

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Plan or Act

For sometime I have been thinking about making a decision and you have been analyzing that in your head and talking to friends and colleagues for some time. Being someone with a Project Management background you procrastinate about really planning things out to the point or even developing a plan. By doing so you are getting frustrated by the lack of action and suddenly realize that same frustration comes from business and IT leaders when confronted with project management asking them to plan.

You have to get the balance right – you have to make time to plan, talk, analyze and then you have to act. You cant be seen to hold action up because inaction is unacceptable. 

So I have the outline of a plan and a vision and I have begun to do and check and finally act for the long term. 

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When you lead a Project you need to ensure your team has all the right skills but more importantly all the right team attributes to be successful.

  • If the team is to succeed it needs to be acting as a team and not a collection of individuals. 
  • For individuals to act in unison with one another they need to be confident in their abilities and contribution to the team
  • Confidence comes within but can be coached from you as well.

As the Project Manager your job is to ensure your team members act with confidence and that is especially hard when things aren’t going well as happens on every project. Look for the signs when confidence wains in individuals and use your leadership skills to take that person aside and bolster them up. Share concerns but also instill the confidence back into them. You will see the difference if done well and your team will thrive from the confidence displayed by them. 

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More than one thing…

I saw this image this morning and it reminded me:

1) there are those that talk about communicating more,

2) those who say they are innovative

3) those who say they are transparent but…

Leadership isn’t about doing one thing well it is about combining things well that leads to trust.

When your team trusts you and you trust them anything is possible..A6ED846D-CBA7-4593-9211-8C29334EB39F

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Challenge the norm…

We sometimes get caught up in the day to day aspects of our job and accept what has always been. As we get sucked into our roles we have to consider how we can make a difference and that is by challenging what is accepted and leading my making bold decisions. In a profession like Project Management you can read theory and put that into practice. You can implement what is described as ‘best practice’ and wonder why projects wont go to plan.

I want to challenge us all to take a step back and question what we have always done and ask why?

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