The Roller coaster Ride – pre implementation

Do you get goose bumps, heart palpitations, butterflies in the stomach and good old dread and fear before a roller-coaster and then while on it? If so then you must feel what project teams feel the week before go live that can seem to have so many ups and downs as you prepare the system and ready to ‘flip the switch’ and go live. Some days you have the fear you will not make it and last minute issues will cause failure and then the very next day new heights of excitement when problems are solved and the thrill of go live is closer.
Really all we need to remember sometimes is that this just happens and we have to remain calm for our team and the leadership side of project managers must shine
Any good stories to share?


About chriscashell

I have been working in IT for most industries during my career and delivering change through solutions combining process re-engineering and software systems. This has involved taking a disparate group of people to form project teams and setting out on a mission to change the business and drive it forward to meet compelling goals. Building and being part of a successful team is a great experience and seeing organizations and individuals embrace change is a rewarding experience. I want to share my insights into those experiences and thoughts and find out what others believe can make change fun and enjoyable.
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